Patron Saints

St Luke

Patron Saints and Feast Days


Saint Camillus de Lellis                             July 18th

Italian priest who founded an order, the Ministers of the Infirm, which was dedicated to caring for the sick.  Patron saint of the sick, healthcare workers and hospitals

Saints Cosmos and Damian                     September 27th

Twin physicians who are the patrons of physicians and surgeons

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla                      April 28th

Italian pediatrician and mother of four, who was the first woman physician to be beatified.  http://saintgianna.org/

Saint Luke the Evangelist                         October 18th

Patron saint of physicians and surgeons

Saint Raphael the Archangel                   September 29th

Name means “God heals.”  Patron saint of healing and healthcare workers

Our Lady, Health of the Sick                   August 24th

Jerome LeJeune MD

French physician and researcher who discovered the genetic cause of Down’s syndrome and was dedicated to the care and protection of these children.  https://lejeuneusa.org/