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In order to grow in our understanding of the moral and ethical principles of our Catholic Faith, we seek to engage and live our call to holiness, to grow in our love of God, and to support one another as faithful Catholics.


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Amie Holmes, MD

President of the Fresno Guild




Christ healing the Sick by Palma il Giovane circa 1590


“Christus Medicus” — Christ, our Healer, Christ the Divine Physician — is our enduring, steadfast source of saving grace, of moral courage, of professional excellence, and of spiritual inspiration and enlightenment. As Catholic physicians, we are each called to serve, in a unique sense, as “Alter Christus,” as “Another Christ.” Through the mystery of the Eucharist, Christ would use our hands, our minds, and our hearts, reaching out to our patients in their moment of need. We are challenged to realize, in touching and healing the wounds — both physical and psychology — of each patient we treat, that we are privileged to touch and heal the very wounds of Christ, Our Lord.

Excerpt from the concluding statement of the joint meeting of the 19th World Congress of the FIAMC and the 67th Annual Convention of the CMA in 1998



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